Here are some interesting links to World Shipping. We change the emphasis of the sites so that visitors may experience different facets of our global industry and support our friends:
 Provides excellent shipping data . A lot of this is available gratis but serious interest and professionals need to subscribe to the data.
 Whether you are a large investor or a small investor who is looking to participate in our industry we invite you to visit the Shipping equity team at Woelbern Invest and see how they can help you become s Ship Owner too.
Quantum is a global firm, dedicated to providing specialized management consultancy and innovative technology-enabled services for the shipping industry. Leveraging on our intimate knowledge of the shipping business our consulting vertical provides well thought out solutions to the shipping industry in the areas of strategy, process reengineering, cost management and others. We also presently offer three innovative and state of the art ERP products - Liner Shipping ERP, Liner Agency ERP (Q-MIA) and Feeder ERP (Q-FLx). Our BPO operations provide a unique and cost effective solution to the thin margin container shipping business. Varenco and Quantum collaborate closely in consulting and technology assignments.
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European Commission and the French Maritime Administration decided to co-operate in developing an information system collating existing safety-related information on ships from both public and private sources and making it available on the Internet.

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