Safety – Cargo handling

Safety is a  cornerstone of successful shipping operations. We have extensive experience in the safe handling of a range of cargo types and can provide an assessment as well as advisory service

Taking a keen lead from ICAHA Briefing-pamphlets

Forest products

Diverse Cargo : From roundwood logs , Woodchips and Pellets ,woodpulp through linerboard and newsprint Forest products require care and special handling. Varenco understands the unique logistics challenges faced by the forest products industry and as a member of  (Association) IFTPA is able to advise shippers and shipping companies on the Shipping Providers , Handling Requirements ,Specialised transportation equipment to maximise lifting and customised transportation management solutions

Refrigerated Products

Management of the cold chain is the key to profitability and risk management of this lucrative cargo segment . Varenco can advise on

  • Planning the Movement
  • Cargo Preparation
  • Reefer Container Logistics and Costs
  • Transportation to the Terminal
  • From Shore to Ship to Shore

In addition we can provide advise on the commercial considerations including some aspects of the Bill of Lading in regard to carrying temperature are emphasised as well as clauses affecting the carriage of reefer cargo. The relatively high value of perishable commodities and the resultant high costs associated with any cargo damage increases the importance of focus on these products

Dangerous Goods

A vast variety of dangerous Goods are Exported into Australia – Handling regulations are onerous. Varenco can assist clients developing suitable shipping strategies.

Yellow cake

Australia has 31 per cent of the world’s known uranium reserves. The industry employs about 4000 people and exports $700 million of uranium a year. There are currently over 60 nuclear power plants under construction in 13 countries. Nuclear energy generation is expected to increase by between 51-126% over the next 20 years, offering ample demand for Australian uranium.

Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate as a fertilizer as well as Ammonium Nitrate for the Mining Industry is a demanding product to handle. Varnco can advise on both containerised and Bulk solutions for this product and guide clients in sourcing and handling of these products


Container flow management (CFM). This approach to logistics involves the integration of hardware, software, and communication technologies and act as a platform for fleet operators to help in efficient control, tracking, and monitoring of vehicles used for commercial purposes. the management of the fleet of containers themselves . Systems improve the overall operational efficiency by reducing non-value added activities of the operators. One of the major drivers for this market is growing intermodal freight transportation.

With deep experience with leasing companies and intramodal handlers Varenco can assist in the design an implementation of carriers and customer fleet profile and management requirements from fleet size benchmarking through to fleet audits. Logistics benchmarking will ensure customers profitability in containerised freight transport.

Human Element in Shipping

In the CyClaDes project the issue of “human element factors in shipping safety” is addressed by an international consortium assembled to represent critical stakeholders in the yard, supplier, operator, and seafarer communities along with industrial and/or academic experts on ergonomics and work space design, classification societies, and a flag state administration.

Varenco is observing these outcomes closely to take and implement these approaches in the plans we make for our clients.