Service Design

Shipping service design including transhipment network strategy, design and optimisation of utilisation of vessels and scheduling accuracy serve to maximise cost efficiency, productivity and ability to exploit market opportunities. Through supply chain mapping, analysis and modelling we help pinpoint where efficiencies can be built into existing processes or coupled with bespoke market analysis identify niche opportunities to introduce competitive services.

We can undertake all downstream activities from Financial Modelling through to project feasibility and approval and as required help implement the desired solutions.

Vessel Selection

Having access to up to date data is expected – We can get behind the numbers and turn the data into actionable information by asking critical questions of project promoters as well as shipowners shipyards and classification societies. Having filtered the data to produce best-fit solutions we are also able to get behind the numbers and advise on selection and investment opportunities.

Newbuilding & Supervision

Modern technologies, innovative ideas and a desire to create greenfield advantages may require the development of a modified or new concept vessel to be built for a purpose we are able to provide guidance on shipyard selection, yard tendering, specification and basic design development in a turn key process that would allow project proponents to select a suitable yard. Then as required we can place new building supervision teams who can ensure that the vessels are delivered on time, on spec and with the high-quality focus that the market demands

Vessel Acquisition & Finance

Bringing vessels into a service can be achieved through a buy(Ownership, Sale and Leaseback) or charter lease process ( Bare-Boat, Time Charter, Voyage Charter, Trip Charter, Contract of Affreightment. What route is used is dependant upon the clients tolerance for financial risk. There is a trade-off between relevant factors for the optimal capital structure related to the company size, profitability, taxation, etc. that would determine the best way to place acquire a vessel for a particular need..

Varenco and Five Oceans can advise on bespoke arrangements for finding ship finance from the traditional sources for financing shipping industry and provide advisory and broking services as required.