Shipping Business Intelligence

Effective decision-making is based on having the right information available and easy accessible.

Instead of  Store and Analyse  today -Streaming analytics may give enterprises a living visualization of their operations through a central dashboards  reducing the  gap between collection and results where time-sensitive opportunities are lost. There’s a likelihood that not all data has to be stored first. It can be analyzed mid-stream to sift out data that will only stay relevant for a short time.

Shipping Business Intelligence on the Qlik platform, creates  endless possibilities for making ad hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures and hierarchies, as is typical in other data analysis tools.

That coupled with  our  Industry Knowledge and IT capability allows for the delivery of powerful Management System for Transportation. Unique in the industry, Quantum delivers products or projects within 30 to 90 days.

See Gartner on Qlik

Transactional Systems

Traditional and now tired Client-server type rigid systems that most small and medium enterprises in Liner and the forwarder segment utilised are fast being challenged by smarter more agile models of transacting business. The smart phone both as a medium for providing orders as well to real time monitor outcomes along the supply chain will be disruptive to users of older technology – When someone can prove his identity by a finger on his mobile smartphone authentication of documentation could become a lot easier

Varenco can advise on systems that provide : – Cloud and subscription based computing (SaaS), which provides flexible investment cost and maintenance; – API and web services technology, which allows more real time transaction and dynamic data feed among systems; – Connected devices such as smart containers, which can provide end to end shipment visibility directly to the cargo owners and stakeholders; – Big Data and predictive analytics, which facilitate planning and forecasts leading to pricing, capacity allocation and routing optimisation. A good deal of transition to the systems of the future are provided by the Quantum suite of ERP  and Shipping Business Intelligence solutions for the industry

Shipping Business Intelligence – Scheduling ,Stability and Cargo Planning

With a wide range of commercially available systems the choices for operaters can be bewildering and often because the vessels may have a very modest bur sufficient load computer on board much of the value that can be delivered through integrated stability cargo planning and optimisation are not achieveable .

Business Intelligent decision support  systems are a key to improved profitability . We will assess your existing systems in an audit and recommend changes that have a short payback time and will yield value for the business in the long term.

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