The Nautical Institute
The Nautical Institute is the international professional body for qualified seafarers and others with an interest in nautical matters. The organization provides a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of members, who are drawn from all aspects of the maritime world. With representation at the IMO, IALA and other related organizations, the NI is actively participating in representing the needs of mariners. Varenco Director: Capt Rao is an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute.

PIANC international working groups develop regular technical updates on pressing global issues to benefits members on shared best practices. PIANC Australia is one of the larger of the 25 recognised national sections within PIANC internationally.
Varenco is one of 84 individual members in Australia since 2008.


ADB policies and strategies for the port sector, using projects in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines as case studies. The findings indicate that a new approach for sector assistance is needed that goes beyond the physical infrastructure of a port to the underlying trade that the port serves for stimulating economic development.

Varenco is a registered consultant on the ADB Portal

Varenco uses BIMCO IDEA to provide our clients with secure, authentic copies of BIMCO and other bespoke cargo and ship contracts so that as our clients can concentrate on business and not have to proof /check documents for changes.. With Idea we can edit and amend any of the contracts on the system, but any changes we make will always show on the final agreed document. This way clients will be in no doubt as to any changes to the standard words in the complex shipping contracts.

IAME : Maritime Economists
Varenco Principal Consultant is a member of IAME which has a membership of over 300 individual members from all continents and more than 10 corporate members. The Association is officially linked to two leading academic journals in the field: Maritime Policy & Management and Maritime Economics & Logistics.
IAME has signed MοUs with the International Maritime Statistics Forum (IMSF) and Korea Association of Marine Industry (KAMI, formerly MITO




Shipping and Market Data
Varenco subscribes to Clarksons Data and Market Reports . Proper attribution is provided when data is utilised for Market projects.

Danish Ship Finance

DANISH SHIP FINANCE established its research department in the early 2000s to develop a deeper understanding of the evolving global economy and its impact on the shipping industry. Their research combines global macroeconomics with technological innovation and the aim is to gain better insights into the dynamics that are shaping the outlook for the shipping industry.

Varenco subscribes to research

Varenco uses Knoema because it is open source and an
Elegant data solution that minimizes the need for data scientists and external visualizations:
-Liberates data from databases and other data silos and incorporates directly into analyst workflow
Provides easy, cost effective means to fill data gaps and verify your internal and contract data sources
-Captures and grows internal knowledge capital