Port and Shipping Business Evaluation and Acquisition

Our clients are involved in a variety of Projects.

Development of Port Master Plans; Development of a Shipping Strategy for low volume ports. Oil Hub Services development,Evaluation and Appraisal of Container businesses and Stevedoring businesses for acquisition. Development of Strategic Plans as well as Operational procedures.

Buying a Business / Packaging a Business for Sale

Ship Yard Risk Assessments and Supervision

Inspection and Ship Yard Risk Evaluation for Chemical tankers and Bulk carriers including New Building evaluation and delivery. Asset management advice for Distressed assets. Shipyard Tendering and Organization of New building supervision teams

Container and Ro Ro /Bulk Carriers/ Multi Purpose Vessels/ Offshore Vessels/Tankers

See Gallery for some examples

Navigational Risk Assessments

Hazard Assessment as well as Navigation Channel assessments for the establishment of greenfield terminal or modification of berths for deeper or larger vessels, As members of PIANC we can access the best available research and thinking applicable to the problem and arrange and advise on Simulation.

Hazard identification and Risk Assessment

Projects Barge and Transhipper Operations

Operational prefeasibility and development and design of barge and Transhipper logistics for the handling of products from and to draft limited ports Recent Investigations have included the adapataility of these systems in a capital strained  environment.
Use of barges as floating decks and pontoon berths at draft limited ports .

These solutions save capital and are delivered in a fraction of the time required for a building deep water infrastructure.

Movement of Project and Bulk commodities by barges Contact  us to see our solutions.

Contracts Evaluation and Assesment

Shipping Lines ,Port Services and Stevedoring service pricing development. Operational Measurements to improve financial performance of logistics and stevedoring  services. Evaluation of outsourcing contractual arrangements.

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